Calcium (Ca) – Calcium

The nutrient level of calcium is estimated as the percentage of Ca or CaO in the manure.                     1. The effect of calcium on soil and plants                     Calcium (Ca2+) accounts for most of the cell wall structure. Calcium mainly participates in the cell wall formation and the activity of many yeasts, which are important in maintaining […]

Magie (Mg) – Magnesium

Plants absorb magnesium in the form of useful Mg2+ Mg2+ cycle Origin: only in the soil Source of Mg2+ supplement: Soil minerals (dolomite, Mg sulfates …) Fertilizers & soil improvers New organic fertilizer Mg loss pathways: Wash drift (rough stone) Crop is absorbed (in the course of cultivation does not fertilize containing Mg) 1. Effects […]

Silic – Silicon

Useful species for crops: Silicon uptake in SiO32-ionic form, nutrient content calculated as% SiO2 1. Application of Silicon for Soil and Crop: – Plants including young plants also get silicon in the soil. When demand is low, the amount of SiO2 available in the soil may be sufficient to meet demand, but when demand is […]

Sulfur (S) – Sulfur

Plants absorb sulfur in the form of sulfur ion (SO42-) 1. Effects of sulfur on plants: * Sulfur in arable land: The amount of sulfur lost after each growing season ranges from 10 to 50 kg / ha. Except for some cereal crops, the amount of sulfur lost is usually equivalent to the amount of […]