Research & Development

R & D – research & development, one of the keys to success of many corporations, big companies in the world. Research and development involves investing in, conducting or trading new research and technology for the survival and development of businesses, to explore new knowledge of products, too. Service, and service, and then apply that knowledge to create new, innovative products and processes that better meet the needs of the consumer or the market.

R & D and technological innovation, process technology is always the goal and important function of the advanced companies, multinational pioneers, major companies in the world. R & D is responsible for product research and development; Improving localization of production technology; Research and gradually replace appropriate materials and technologies to improve technological content on products; Study localization of some materials in order to increase value and take initiative in production with reasonable cost to meet the maximum demand of customers. R & D deals with two main issues:

1. Research on technological process improvement and machinery and equipment:

In order to ensure the quality of products, the company has not stopped research and improvement of machinery and equipment. Nowadays, our machines and equipment are evaluated as modern, ensuring the best products on the market and at the same time ensure the safety and environmental protection. Technology improvement research is also ongoing. The application and development of new production process has made fertilizer products always of high quality and stability, less lumps, shreds or dehumidifiers. Depending on the type of plant, the product has a different degree of melting or slowing down. To improve the effectiveness of use and to limit the amount of waste that pollutes the environment.

2. Product development research:

Recognizing that the effectiveness of fertilizers depends very much on the soil characteristics, plant characteristics and composition and properties of the product; The Company has been and continues to be highly concentrated in the research of soil, nutrients, plants, research to improve the content of gray matter in the product as well as the combination of field trials Since then, more and more products are more suitable and effective for the market. Our marketing team is keen to keep up with the market, catch up with our customers’ demand for fertilizers, and get feedback on the products we provide, which is the basis for us to improve the formula as well. Make new recipes, new products suitable for each region and each plant.

Over the past years, the company has combined with research institutes, research centers, research stations in the region, agricultural extension centers of the provinces in the country and scientists do dozens of research works. Hundreds of experiments and thousands of fertilizer demonstration models on almost all types of land and crops in Vietnam. With a team of science and technology advisors including bachelors, engineers, masters, specialists in the field of soil science, plants and fertilizers, the research has been done to produce dozens of specialized fertilizers. Medium, medium and micro suitable for each stage of growth and development of each plant, on each land. Improving the quality of each product is the secret to increasing our fertilizer efficiency compared to other fertilizers on the market.

The product lines of our company are biochemical fertilizer generation, fully meet the growth periods of plants from the stage of young trees, to growth, flowering, fruit bearing and restoration of plants. At the same time, it increases the resistance against bacteria caused by bacteria, fungi and nematodes. Therefore, our products are promoting their role effectively and are indispensable trend. With high technology agriculture to meet the demand of clean agricultural products.