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Nitrogen (Nts) – Nitrogen

Introduction to protein nutrition (N) for plants Protein nutrition and nitrogen fixation in nature Protein Nutrition is the generic name for inorganic fertilizers that provide N (N) for plants – Nitrogen nutrients are evaluated as% Nitrogen – Most plants are not able to assimilate nitrogenous elements under the N2 form, but mainly in the form […]

Lân – Phosphate

Providing phosphorus to the plant as phosphate ion (PO43-) Fecundity of fertilizer is estimated as P2O5% in fertilizer. Phosphate is mainly DAP; FAT; TSP; NPK, phosphate, monophosphate, supephosphate, phosphate rich, phosphate. 1. Functions of Lan (P2O5hh) for plants Lan is the center of energy and protein metabolism Lan plays an important role in the formation […]

Kali – Potassium

1. The effect of potassium fertilizers on plants: Potassium is not really a constituent of plant tissue, but plants need to be fed a large amount of potassium to all parts. Potassium affects. Water control in the process of evaporation from plants. – When low light potassium stimulates photosynthesis, increase resistance to trees. – Potassium […]