Gibberellin (GA)

1. What is Gibberellin (Gibberellin)? Origin of Gibberellin (Gibberellin): Gibberellin (Gibberellin) is a plant hormone that regulates plant growth and affects a variety of developmental processes such as proliferating, germinating, sleeping, flowering, gene expression , enzyme stimulation and senescence of leaves as well as fruit etc. Gibebrelin (Gibberellin) is the second phytohormone discovered after auxin […]

Abxixic (ABA) – Acid Abscisic

1. Abxixic Acid (Acid Abscisic) What is it ? Origin Abxixic Acid (Acid Abscisic). – Acid Abscisic, also known as Dormin, Dormic Acid (DMA), is a group of natural and man-made substances considered as a plant hormone – a growth inhibitor. In 1961, two American scientists, Liu and Carn, isolated a substance in the form […]

Xitôkinin – Cytokinin

 1. What is cytokinin (Cytokinin)? Cytokinin origin. Cytokinin is the third group of plant hormones discovered after auxin and gibberellin in plant growth promoters. Natural citrusin (Cytokinin) in plants was first extracted in 1963 by Letham and Miller in the crystalline form of corn kernels called zeatin, which is 10 to 100 times stronger than […]