Quality Control

FNANO Fertilizer Factory has set up a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015. We are committed to maintaining the quality standards of fertilizers that are being sold in all parts of the country. The main objective of the fertilizer quality management is to maintain the trust and long-lasting relationship with customers and partners throughout the company’s distribution system.

The FNANO factory has its own quality control laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instruments capable of analyzing all the parameters required to determine the quality of the input and finished products. . Samples are taken from each shipment to perform the physical and chemical analysis to meet the best input material. Maintaining the quality of inputs is central to producing good quality fertilizers.

Sampling by batch, followed by batch analysis for all finished products from different production lines before packing. We strictly enforce this to ensure that all finished goods delivered to our customers meet all the technical requirements. All samples are always matched to each shipment and kept for at least six months at the laboratory storage compartment.

Quality control staff in the laboratory are highly qualified and trained in national standards who are committed to working diligently and carefully with on-site control procedures. . Another team of employees is responsible for controlling the quality of finished goods with all shipments before delivery to the customer. The quality management system always monitors and closely monitors all stages from raw material input to finished product.