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Zinc (Zn) – Zinc

Zinc suction cups are dissolved in water. Useful types of zinc in the soil: – Zn2+ in solution – A large amount of Zn2+ complex with organic matter – Solubility of Zn Mineral Relatively Low: 10-5 – 10-7 M – pH dependent activity – Strong absorption on the oxide minerals – A little kept on […]

Bo (B) – Boron

Cultivars are mainly B4O27-, HBO32- and BO33-. Bo forms in soil: – H3BO3 in solution – Free from the main mineral: Tourmaline – pH dependent activity – Dry areas, Bo accumulated into alkaline borates (Sodium Borates – Borax) – Dry areas, plants can be poisoned Bo. The more serious the irrigation water has high Bo […]

Iron (Fe) – Iron

Plants can absorb iron in the form of Fe2+ and Fe3+, almost all iron on the earth’s crust is in the form of Fe3+, iron in the form of Fe2+ is absorbed and persists more in the crop, This is relatively soluble, but easily oxidized to Fe3+, then precipitated. Fe3+ is insoluble in high neutral […]

Copper (Cu) – Copper

Types of soil Cu:                      – Cu2+ in solution                      – Large amounts of Cu2+ complex with organic matter – more than any other trace elements                      – The solubility of Cu2+ minerals is relatively low: 10 – 6 – 10 – 8 M                      – pH dependent activity                      – Strong absorption on the oxide minerals                      – Some are […]

Molipden (Mo) – Molybdenum

Cultivated molybdenum plants are in the form of molybdate (MoO42-) and molybdenum oxide (MoO3) salts.                     1. Effect of Mo on the physiological biochemistry of plants.                        Mo plays an important role in many biochemical physiological processes in the plant: nutrient uptake (nitrogen fixation, nitrogen fixation and denitrification), respiration (oxidation – reduction) of photosynthesis (chlorophyll activation and […]

Manganese (Mn) – Manganese

The manganese cultivates manganese dioxide 2 Mn2+ and in the form of manganese organic complexes. Plants do not use four Mn4 + valence manganese. Mn forms in soil: – Mn2+ in solution – Mn2+ complex with organic matter – Mn oxides – Very low solubility: 10 -12 – 10 -15 M – pH dependent activity […]

Rare Earth Elements

1. The rare earth trace elements – Rare earth elements and rare earth metals, according to IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry), is a collection of 17 chemical elements in the periodic table of Mendeleev called scandium, yltry and 15 (fifteen) elements of the lanthanum group and in contrast to the name (excluding […]