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Molipden (Mo) – Molybdenum

Cultivated molybdenum plants are in the form of molybdate (MoO42-) and molybdenum oxide (MoO3) salts.                     1. Effect of Mo on the physiological biochemistry of plants.                        Mo plays an important role in many biochemical physiological processes in the plant: nutrient uptake (nitrogen fixation, nitrogen fixation and denitrification), respiration (oxidation – reduction) of photosynthesis (chlorophyll activation and […]

Calcium (Ca) – Calcium

The nutrient level of calcium is estimated as the percentage of Ca or CaO in the manure.                     1. The effect of calcium on soil and plants                     Calcium (Ca2+) accounts for most of the cell wall structure. Calcium mainly participates in the cell wall formation and the activity of many yeasts, which are important in maintaining […]