Understanding the importance of middle and high quality in agricultural production, our company provides the farmers with the products of Chelate CEC and DCEC root fertilizers, providing micro-nutrients in the form of chelate, organic added Plant extracts, supplemented with NPK stimulates and promotes growth at critical stages, particularly with the slow release mechanism of silica and humic acid glue in stools that will provide nutrients in the stool. On the other hand, it also helps to regain the nutrients retained by glue or other insoluble compounds supplied to plants.

Chelate CEC and DCEC are granular inorganic fertilizers, containing chelates (for DCEC, N, P, K in pure form and organic), outside the fertilizer. One layer of silic oxide (SiO2).

Quy Cách : 8kg
Giá : Call (+84) 949 040 599 for more information
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