Fnano bio-fertilizer has really conquered the farmer from the 2013 to 2016 season by a closed process from the combination of organic complexes and chemically-chelated chemical molecules. This is because it has brought success to the gardeners when applying Fnano Biochemistry products from soil improvement – caring for plant growth – cell tissue regeneration – cotton blossoming simultaneously – All – bring a bumper season.





After harvest is the time when our strings lose a lot of nutrients in the body, resulting in energy loss of the plant, the main problem that we need at this time is to restore nutrients for plants:

Use NanoGreen in combination with D-CEC or DAP

Extremely expensive therapies will cost you about 200 grams / head to 300 grams / head, but when you invest in this soup, it will help keep the soil in the soil longer.
The use of root irrigation will help the plant to absorb nutrients faster and at a lower cost by 10 kg per bag of NanoGreen and 10 kg per D-CEC bag can soak 2000 liters of water and irrigate each root from 8-10 liter.
Spray immediately after root application to control plant nutrition thoroughly with Bio NitroGreen – Humate Pro or Phyto-Green. This helps the plant to develop a comprehensive and stable amino acid proterin in the trunk.
Spray therapy for Bio Nitrogen – Humate Pro products: 1 liter mixed for 600 liters – 800 liters of water spray all over the body from about 2 to 3 liters.
Spray therapy for Phyto-Green products: 1 kg of phase for 600 liters – 800 liters of water spray all over the body about 2 to 3 liters.




Garden cleaning – soil pH improvement:

After five to seven days of rehabilitation, we continue to “garden” gardening and soil pH remediation using Phyto-Phos.cop products, which combine the original Nano Dolomite.

Applying Nano Dolomite for the purpose of improving the pH of some soil improvement release toxic residues for plants in the season before .. used as follows: spread from 300 grams to 600 grams / head.
Spraying and irrigating Phyto-Phos.cop immediately after spraying Nano Dolomite in order to strengthen the antimicrobial and microcentric supplement to regenerate cell tissue, to wound the wound caused by the harvest. At the same time help the roots grow stronger.
How to use the following: 1kg Phyto-Phos.cop mixed with 1000 liters of water spray full body

Used to irrigate roots: 1 kg of phase to 250 liters of water for each root of 5 to 8 liters (watered up on Nano Dolomite)


Phyto-Phos.cop Phyto-Phosphoric Acid Wash Enhances Resilience

Step III

Stage of water retention:

After applying the method of garden washing for 10 days, spray Phoska Fruit (NpK 6-32-32) can be applied with the application of Chelate C.E.C (Nanolife). Applying the Phoska Fruit to the pepper before pouring water helps the plant to accumulate an amount of phosphorus and potassium in the sleeping state as a prerequisite for later flower distribution.

How to use the product
Phoska Fruit: 1 kg mixed for 600 liters of wet spray

Chewable Ingredient C.E.C: 8 kg per 100g root or watered with 1000 liters of water – irrigate each 10 liters.


Transparent Cotton Band – Anti-Glazed Diarrhea

Step IV

Blossom flowering: (after 40 minutes of waterlogging)

Applied products such as Bio SoloBor – Phosphate – Phoska flower – D-CEC – Kgreen.

Depending on the state of the plant, we choose the appropriate therapy for each stage:

Flowering order in bulk as follows:

Apply or spray D-CEC in combination with Bio SoloBor + Phosphate Twin
Dose: spread D-CEC 200g – 300g for a cylinder

1kg Bio SoloBor + 1kg Bio Phosphate blender for 800 liters of water spray


  • After 10-15 days spray Phyto Flower (NpK 10-50-10): 1kg phase for 600 liters of water spray stems
    Continue to focus on nutrition after 10 – 15 days with Kgreen root irrigation combined with Phoska Flower (NpK 15-35-15) + Bio SoloBor – Humate Pro.
    Dose: KGreen irrigation 10 kg per bag for 1000 liters of water for each cylinder 8 to 10 liters1kg Bio SoloBor + 1kg Phoska Flower for 800 liters of water spray

    Since then, we have perfected the cotton-making process and moved on to the cotton-fruit-growing stage.

    Note: depending on the expression of the tree that solves the dose remedy – content to match.

Chăm sóc tiêu


We are proud to bring a full range of fertilizer products to use. In addition, FNANO® bio-fertilizer does not contain any additives (hard-to-digest soluble in soil and crops), so it can dissolve well in water up to 98% so that the crop can be absorbed. Nutrition they need. Each FNANO® product contains enzymes, amino acids and organic biota, so the soil in the farm uses a high amount of humus, which will keep the soil microorganisms in place. And the root system is very good.

Once again, FNANO BIOCHEMISTRY COMPANY LIMITED would like the owners of the farms to successfully apply the FNANO® bio-fertilizer and meet the winners.

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