Công nghệ tương tác Nano – Hóa Sinh

Người đăng: Phân bón hóa sinh FNANO vào 11 Tháng 4 2016

Application of nano-bio-interactive technology in agriculture, products of FNANO biochemistry Co., Ltd, our quality is always the top priority:

Fnano® bio-fertilizer is a combination of chemical elements and biological substances.
This combination allows plants to fully absorb Fnano® nutrients when we supply them.
All components in Fnano® are ionized cation + electrolyzed when dissolved in water.
Helps the root system to remain in a healthy state of development. The cytoplasmic tissues contained in the trunk are stable and durable. Sprout leaf shoots are stimulated by Fnano® enzymes.
Fnano® always initiate intense vitality for plants at every stage of development. From seedlings to maturity and seed pods.
High-tech fertilizers, applying biochemical technology in agriculture, raising yields for bumper crops, helping the plants to develop sustainably, achieving high quality agricultural outputs to meet the safety requirements for Human nutrition.

FNANO® – products for modern farmers!

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